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The AAA offers the most unique and groundbreaking approaches to ‘acting & combat performance’ for the stage and screen anywhere in the world. Not only does the AAA teach the ‘L.I.E. Acting System’: the most original, usable, and safe approach to acting ever created, but the AAA is also constantly at the forefront of the continual development and evolution of the art form of Stage Combat. AAA Director and founder, Fight Master Kyle Rowling, blends his 30+yrs of real life martial arts experience with his extensive acting training and ‘on-set experience’ to create fight scenes that are not only martially sound, whether they are historically accurate or pure fantasy, but also full of emotional depth and character development.



Burwood Park Community Centre

2B Comer Street, Burwood NSW 2134
(Burwood Park Community Centre is located within Burwood Park)


Time:     Wednesdays

6:30pm to 8:30pm

Price:     $30 Members

              $35 Non-members


AAA Membership:      $50


The AAA would like to acknowledge the assistance for the Australian Stage Combat Association in getting classes back up and running. $1 from each student will go to the Australian Stage Combat Association.

The Action Acting Academy offers drop-in Casual Classes. Stage Combat is a modern performance art-form that focuses on fun, safe illusions of violence and combat for theatre and film.

Whether your needs are professional or personal, the AAA's Casual Classes have benefits for everyone. Actors: learn the skills that will make your Hamlet or Cyrano really come to life and keep you and your partner in one piece for the entire show.
Non-Actors: you will improve your balance, fitness, co-ordination and self esteem as you develop proven non-injurious Armed and Unarmed historical fighting techniques that are designed to keep you safe. There is no prior training required to start and no pressure to keep up. You train at your own speed and in your own time with the help of the talented staff at the AAA. 

The AAA's Casual Classes teach a diverse mixture of weapons and fighting styles, from 17th Century Rapier and Dagger to modern Close Quarters Knife fighting and everything else in between. We study Historic Period Weaponry from Europe and Asia, and play with Fantasy fighting styles from time to time too, and then translate them into safe theatrical versions of the real thing. 

If you have never tried Stage Combat before or are looking to brush up for your next audition or certificate course, then this is the place to be. AAA Casual Classes place an emphasis on fun, fitness, partnership and good technique. It is the perfect way to try stage combat for the first time or to keep your current skills sharp.


Master Classes and
Certification Workshops

For more information

contact the AAA

The Action Acting Academy is proud to present a series of one off Master Classes throughout the year. These classes are generally one to two day events and cover a diverse range of subjects that are all relevant to the modern Stage Combatant/Actor. 

Spear, Long Knife & Tomahawk, Fighting for Film, and unusual weapons not found in our normal curriculum such as Asian Staff, Bullwhip and Found weapons (tables, chairs, phone books, watering cans etc) make up the bulk of our Master Classes. 

These Master Classes are open for everyone and are sometimes taught by special Guest-Instructors from around the world, giving you the opportunity to draw on a wide range of techniques, philosophies and skills. 

Some Master Classes are based around combat technique while others focus more strongly on the performance and realism side of fighting. But all are conducted with safety, fun and learning as our major goals. There is no pass or fail and no one is forced to do anything they don’t want to do, although you will be strongly encouraged to step outside the box and push your personal limits. This is the only way to make any real gains and you can be assured that all efforts to ensure your safety have been taken. So have a go. 

The AAA can also bring a Master Class to you. If you have a group or organization and you want to try something a little different to the standard team-building courses on offer, please contact us and we will structure a Special Event Master Class to meet your specific needs.

The AAA offers Actor Combatant certification at 3 different levels; Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. A complete educational system, each level provides students with the necessary skills to progress to the next level. All workshops focus on safety, the correct application of technique, martial and historical accuracy and teamwork.

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