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The Action Acting Academy has a talented squad of professional actor-combatants, both male and female, available for specialist performances at public, private and corporate events. Skilled in a variety of weapons and fighting styles from historic European and Asian, to fantasy, and we also have talented actors, singers, acrobats, dancers and wire specialists working with us. 

The AAA has worked on theatre, film and television productions supplying performers, choreography and fight doubles for feature films including ‘Star Wars Episodes II and III’, ‘Troy’ and ‘Wanted’, also theatre productions for Sydney Theatre Company, Opera Australia and Company B: Belvoir St, and in television for ‘Packed to the Rafters’ and the AFI Award winning ABC production ‘Double the Fist’. Just to name a few. 

From a themed party or event, to an original production, the AAA Demo Squad can provide a performance suitable to your needs. We can even supply our own costumes and weapons in most cases. So don’t hesitate, give your next event or production an exciting edge that will make it stand out from the crowd and be remembered. 



The Action Acting Academy has several highly experienced and certified Fight Directors available for professional fight choreography. AAA Fight Directors have over thirty years combined experience choreographing, teaching and performing Stage Combat sequences for theatre, film and television. Trained and certified by The Australian Stage Combat Association, The Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc, and Art of Combat International; they are highly skilled in all aspects of physical theatre including acting, teaching and directing, and are also experts in spatial and kinetic awareness. All AAA Fight Directors also hold a current Senior First Aid certificate, and Certificate IV in TAE. 

All of this ensures the highest standard of quality and safety to every production. From basic fighting positions to specialised period styling, an AAA Fight Director can create an appropriate illusion to meet the needs of the script, director and performers. 

No moment of physical risk is too big or too small to be paid careful attention to by a certified professional Fight Director. From a single slap to a climactic sword battle, from a comedic tussle to a disturbing scene of domestic violence, an AAA Fight Director brings safety, skill, experience and professionalism to every production they are involved with. 

Don’t put your performers or production at risk by allowing someone who ‘thinks’ they know what they are doing to choreograph or perform fights. It’s just not worth it. Call the professionals and have the peace of mind that your fight scenes will not only look fantastic but will be completely safe for all involved, performers and audience alike.


The Sydney Stage Combat School is in the unique position of being able to offer the Australian theatrical industry a unified armoury of high quality Stage Combat approved bladed and auxiliary weapons, sorry NO guns. This is the largest single collection of Stage Combat swords in the country.

Theatre companies often spend large amounts of money on weapons (particularly swords) for a single production, only to find the next time they need them they are either unusable from a lack of correct maintenance and care or that they are historically incorrect for the next production. 

The SSCS Theatrical Armoury has a large selection of swords, daggers, staffs and associated weapons and accessories from different time periods and countries, and for different uses; from practical full combat weapons to elaborate non-combat dress weapons. All of our weapons are available for rental on a daily or weekly basis and some conditions do apply.


We’d be happy to provide you with additional information about individual courses and instructors at The Action Acting Academy. Stop by the office or drop us a line.


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