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Are you tired of the same old kind of acting training? Do you want to get better results in a shorter time from a 10-week course, instead of a two and a half year course? Do you want to be amongst an elite group of performers with a highly specialized skill set? Then you want 'The Action Acting Academy'.


Let’s face it, todays performance industry really doesn’t care what acting school you graduated from, what it wants is talented, confident, capable individuals that can walk on set and do their job. 


There are three problems with modern acting courses:

They are expensive – We are not!

They take years to complete – We do not!!

They don’t offer specialization – We do!!!


This is no ordinary acting course; students will be required to give their all mentally, physically and emotionally every second of every day. Think of this more as ‘Special Forces Acting Training’. It will be fast paced, it will be extremely tough, it will be punishing, but it will also be the most rewarding and informative training experience of your life. You will learn to think while you are exhausted and push yourself physically while mentally drained. This is what will be expected of you on a set. This is what we will train you for.

Cost - $6,995 (GST INCLUSIVE)





     The modern film industry is brutal. Make no mistake; it is fast paced, with long hours, in tough conditions. To survive this, let alone to thrive in it, takes a special kind of person, a person with mental, emotional and physical toughness. Physical training and fitness is the fastest way to achieve a higher level of self confidence, making it through a brutal physical training session, and not quitting, gives you a great sense of personal achievement, knowing that you made it and didn’t die, gives you the ability to say “I can do this. Whatever it is, bring it on.”

     But you also need a wide range of specialized skills to be an Action Star, which is why the AAA curriculum will include not only daily workouts, but also daily stretching sessions, and a variety of mobility and agility training. By the time you finish this course you will be faster, stronger, fitter, more flexible and agile, and ready to take on any physical challenge laid before you.


 Many acting systems talk about acting being ‘real' and ‘the truth’. This cannot be, for one simple reason: “Actors are professional liars. We pretend to be something we are not, and in most cases we are portraying fictitious characters in fictitious situations.” Therefore acting can never be considered ‘real’ or ‘the truth’. Truth exists 

through fact. A ‘fabricated truth’, in fact, is still a lie, hence the ‘L.I.E. System’. Accepting that as actors, we are never telling the truth frees us from the possible emotional torment of playing certain, unsavoury characters. This is hugely important, and is the core to keeping actors safe mentally and emotionally, (while the concepts and techniques of our screen combat curriculum keeps you safe physically). However every performance needs to be ‘realistic’ and ‘truthful’. So how do we do both? L.I.E. uses a different key word for its system, ‘Honest’. Simply put: What is an honest (human) response for: This character? In this time? In this place? In this situation? This approach is what makes L.I.E. unique.



     Whether it is for stage, film or television, hand-to-hand combat and weapons use, is and has always been, an integral part of the performance arts. From Shakespeare to Lord of the Rings, the Golden Age of Hollywood to Game of Thrones, weapons have always been there, and always will be. And why not, they are an 

important and vital part of human culture, and as actors we need to be ready and prepared to take on any role at a moments notice. 

     The AAA curriculum has been carefully constructed to develop a comprehensive skill set in a wide range of weapons, including: knives, swords, staffs, guns, knife throwing, archery, and also the ability to transfer these skills to what is known as Found Weapons, such as a pen, a rolled up magazine or an umbrella. By the time you finish this course you will be able to walk onto any set, modern or historical, and work with whatever weapons or combat system is presented to you with speed, confidence and believability, and most importantly, safety.


     “The camera just loves that person.” We’ve all heard this, but the fact is this is impossible. Cameras are inanimate, emotionless pieces of machinery. A collection of plastic, glass and wires. They cannot feel, therefore they cannot love. What you are seeing when you hear this statement is someone that knows how to get the most out of every moment, out of every 'frame', or in the modern world 'pixel', when they are on screen. 

     To do this requires developing a unique set of skills with regard to working on screen. This starts with understanding how a camera actually works, then understanding that every moment you are on camera requires 100% commitment and work. Then finally developing a ‘sixth sense’, for the camera, (what is known as ‘Camera Awareness’), by learning how to feel where it is even when it is behind you, or in some cases 100 metres away and hidden somewhere in the set.

This course will have a strict attendance of 10 participants. This is to ensure that each student gets the most hands-on, direct tuition we can offer.


This is a 10-week fulltime course running from:

Monday to Friday
9:00am to 5:00pm daily

Totaling 400hrs of tuition

Break down of some of the included extra course activities:

- Personal Physical Training

- Internationally recognised Stage   Combat Certification: Basic &  Intermediate levels

- Tactical Firearms Training

- Wire Workshops

- 3 x Show Reel shoots

- Archery

- Knife Throwing 

- Camera Acting & Fighting for Film

- Falling, Tumbling & Ground Fighting

- American Accent training

- ASCA Examination Fees 

- Audition & Casting Workshops

Cost - $6,995 (GST INCLUSIVE)




"I had the most amazing and fulfilling 10 weeks with the AAA. I was challenged and pushed to my limits daily to be a better actor and combatant. It was so rewarding to walk away feeling like a better person all round. Thanks to Kyle and the whole AAA Team."


"If you are looking for Acting training with industry professionals at the BEST price, the AAA is the place to be. You can't get anything like this anywhere else in the world, you do not want to miss out."


"I have been studying Stage Combat for a few years now, but the intensity of this course raised my skills further than I could have imagined in such a short time. The professionalism of the entire AAA Team, and their care factor for everyone to excel, is off the chart"

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