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The Founder

The AAA is the brainchild of Kyle Rowling. Kyle has been studying acting and martial arts, both Eastern and Western, since he was 8 years old, in 1978. Kyle trained extensively in Eastern Martial Arts for many years, studying Judo, Traditional Ju-Jitsu and Kung-fu. In the early 90’s he was introduced to the Western Martial Arts (those of European antiquity) and has been working with both ever since. He has trained with numerous masters of European martial arts and is also now a regular instructor at a variety of international workshops. 


Kyle has worked extensively in theatre, film and television over the last 3 decades as an actor, director, Fight Director, Stunt Fight Double, and Assistant Stunt Coordinator. His range of knowledge and experience across such a wide range of skills is unparalleled in Australia. He has taught Stage Combat at all of Australia’s leading acting institutes and is an accomplished Shakespearean director. He was the creator and Director of The Sydney Stage Combat School, (which has now become the AAA), the President of The Australian Stage Combat Association, the Vice President of The Art of Combat International, a Certified Fight Director with ASCA, AoC & SAFDi, and a member of many different theatrical based organisations such as: MEAA, ASPAH, AACTA, IKTHOF, and the IFDG. 

Throughout his time in the industry, Kyle has constantly searched for better ways to accomplish the same outcomes in a shorter, more concise, more adaptable way, but most importantly in a safer way. Over the last decade, Kyle has been developing a new acting system, 'his' acting system. A combination of over 30 years training and experience lead to its development, and now for the first time he is offering it to the world. This is a new approach to an old problem, how do we make acting believable to an audience and safe for actors to use? The answer is ‘The L.I.E. System’, which stands for ‘Logically Informed Expression’.

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