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The AAA employs only the most experienced, and highly trained professionals in their field to teach you. From Internationally recognised and certified Stage Combat Instructors & Fight Directors, to real Stunt Professionals, real world Tactical Firearm Operatives, and more. We expect the best, so we give you the best.

The rest is up to you!

Kyle rowling

Kyle Rowling is a professional Actor, Director, Weapons Master and Fight Director. He has twenty-five years experience in various Martial Arts including Chinese and Japanese styles and has been working as a Fight Director for over a decade. In that time he has trained, choreographed and performed Stage Combat for STC, Opera Australia, Ensemble Theatre, Belvoir St, Marion St, Bell Shakespeare, the David Atkins Group, Sydney Shakespeare Globe and many more.

He also teaches and choreographs regularly at most of Sydney’s top acting institutions including NIDA, VCA, the Actors College of Theatre and Television, the Actors Centre Australia, The Australian Theatre for Young People and Screenwise. Kyle’s Stage Combat and performance skills have also secured him work in many theatre and film productions including “Star Wars EP II and III” as Christopher Lee’s fight double, Eric Bana’s personal weapons trainer for “Troy”, fight director and performer for the 2000 production of “Pan” at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre and the 2001 New York tour of STC's “The White Devil”.

Fight Director and Founder

Blake Wells

In 2003 Blake began training under internationally renowned Fight Master, Kyle Rowling.  Since that time he has excelled at all levels and quickly became an integral part of the Sydney Stage Combat School, first as a Stage Combatant for their Demo Squad, and now as a Certified Instructor and Fight Director.

Blake has worked as a fight extra on shows such as Packed to the Rafters, on the Rogue Traders film clip, I Never Liked You Anyway, as well as various corporate functions and charity events. Blake has also appeared in “possibly the most epic sword fight ever seen on an Australian stage” when performing as MacDuff in Bard on the Beach’s season of Macbeth.

He has spent many hours teaching at some of the top acting institutes in Sydney, including The Actors Centre, the Academy of Film, Theatre & Television, the Australian Institute of Music as well as a term as a guest tutor at the Australian International Performing Arts High School.

Highlights so far include being an Assistant Fight Director on the second series of the AFI Award winning Double the Fist as well as assisting on Opera Australia's remounting of Carmen.

Blake is one of the founding members of the Australian Stage Combat Association.

Fight Director

Patricia Rowling

Patricia is a professional actor, whose passion together with her combat training and drama teaching, is the 'classics'. Having played most of Shakespeare's gutsiest women, such as Juliet, Ophelia, Rosalind and many more for the Shakespeare by the Sea company. She recently took on the position of Artistic Director of the company, newly named Bard On The Beach; also taking on roles of actor, Producer and Director for the 2012 inaugural season, and each year since. She has toured for two years with the Bell Shakespeare Company, on their production of The Comedy of Errors and for their Actors At Work program. She played nurse Ally on All Saints; appeared in Tricky Business; as a bare-knuckled fighting Russian terrorist for the ABC's Double the Fist and has performed as Thaisa in Cut Theatre's Queen Lere.

She is proficient in many weapons (including rapier, katana, staff, longsword etc) and unarmed combat. She is also a competent Harness Flyer (as performed in Pan at the Capitol Theatre as Wendy Darling.)

Patricia is the Secretary of The Action Acting Academy, and also the Secretary, and a Founding Member of,  The Australian Stage Combat Association.

Fight Director

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